4 Must Visit Countries for Every Nature Lover

4 Must Visit Countries for Every Nature Lover

Planet Earth seems like a pale blue dot when seen from space. A small entity among the ever-expanding cosmos, our beautiful planet is the only known place where life exists. Being exclusive in its composition, our planet is full of places that are a must-visit for all nature lovers. Narrow boundaries divided the earth into countries and states, but it is the beauty of nature that bounds us together, as we admire nature and draw inspiration from it. Here’s a list of top four countries for every nature lover.

Finland: In Lapland, Norway, you will find beautiful igloos from where you can enjoy the colorful natural light of Aurora Borealis or the Northern Lights. The Aurora sighting season that falls during October to November and March to April is a must-visit for every nature lover who plans to enjoy the breathtaking rugged landscape of snow-covered forest while enjoying the shimmering lights of the wonder above.

Dominica: The Caribbean’s are one of the most beautiful islands on the earth. With such a recognition, you cannot just apprehend the beauty of Dominica when it has to live up to the claim of being termed as the “The Nature Island of the Caribbean”. The lush landscape of Dominica is filled with volcanic hot springs, countless rivers and waterfalls, natural swimming holes, rainforests and much more. You can also enjoy the spectacular sight of the green turtle sanctuary by visiting the Black Sand Beach.

Guatemala: Not many must have heard of the natural wonders available at Guatemala, but this tiny Central American country does pack a punch with its beautiful natural wonders. Lake Atitlan is the most sought-after destination in Guatemala. This pristine lake is surrounded by three majestic volcanoes and is in the picturesque Guatemalan Highlands of the Sierra Madre mountain range. Defined by its tranquility and calm, the surroundings inspire meditation while breathing in the crisp and refreshing mountain air. While at Guatemala, also enjoy hiking and kayaking. You can also immerse yourself in the local Mayan culture that never really disappeared, and still has footprints left across Guatemala.

Palau: Palau is a small collection of islands located in the western Pacific Ocean. It boasts of some of the finest diving and snorkeling sites in the world. Nearly one-third of its nearshore coastal waters and 20 percent of its forest lands are conserved. Palau is also home to the world’s first shark sanctuary, a massive 231,661-square-kilometer protected area. The Rock Islands of Palau are ancient relics of coral reefs and makeup to 300 islands in the Southern Lagoon of Palau. Known for their unusual shapes and powdery beaches, most of these islands are uninhabited and makes for a peaceful getaway.

There’s a whole lot of other countries that comprise of numerous natural wonders that make life beautiful. The United States of America in itself is a diverse and exotic natural wonder. You can find deserts, beautiful beaches, splendid mountains, and evergreen forests across America. Don’t hold back, start packing your bag and get going on the next wonderful adventure of your life.

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